[216] 2017-12-04 Kolkata2 -Starting


[216] 2017-12-04 Kolkata 2 -Starting
12-03 16:00~18:30
12-04 08:30~12:00

Pilgrims  :
LEE Won-young 이원영 (Director of Pilgrims, Republic of Korea)
HARA Tsunenori 原 恒德 (Staff of Pilgrims, Japan)

At last, I started a long India-Nepal course, 2500km length.


I met Mr. Hara again at Calcutta.

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On previous day, I visited Kalighat Kali Temple, a famous Hindu temple.

The clerk of the temple paints red dot on the forehead of visitors. I took part in the Hindu ritual for a moment. The men in the picture are self-appointed guides. They gave me boisterous guide, but they forbade me to take picture of inside. I saw a shocking moment of sacrificing a goat as an offering. The guide led me to a strange place and forced me to donate 2000 rupi. But I did not surrender. I insisted I would donate 500 rupi (8500 won) because I am a poor pilgrim.


I walked 5km from the temple to lodging.

It was the very time when the lectures of a university were over.

The university had no athletic ground. It had only buildings.

While the collegians were coming out of the gate, the parents were waiting for the girl students in order to pick up.


A male student showed interest about pilgrimage. So I took a picture with him.


I took a picture with children at dusk.


In the morning, I started walking at the streets of Calcutta.

There were so many refugees from Bangladesh that some sectors of the city were left uncared-for.


Some buildings were fairly good.


When we were passing a street, we heard queer music.

We followed the music and arrived at a wedding ceremony. They welcomed us.


The music was something like Persian style.

We were absorbed by the music for a considerable span of time.

I would like to record this music someday.


I took a picture with the people who prepare the wedding.


Some part of the streets were disorderly occupied by the regugees.

The refugees occupied the streams too.


It seems to be wide-width railroad. It was confirmed to be railroad.

An article of a newspaper reads “India, once a colony of England, had the first railroad in Asia at 1853.”


I could see a man on horseback.



Hindu temples are found everywhere in the city.


Inside of Hindu temple.


I met again sugar cane juice which I enjoyed in Vietnam.


Mr. Hara is busy with making friends and explaining about pilgrimage whenever time permits.


Today’s destination was Dunlop where I found Airtel agency.

I recharged wifi and battery of smart phone.

I will announce officially soon. My phone number in India is 91(+)7397605410,

The 010 phone number in Korea is connected only with Kakaotalk Telephone LINE.

I can be reached by dialing above number while I stay in India.


I looked around the city by riding old electric-train after today’s walking was over.


This building is remnants of British colonial days.



I took a picture with the students who showed interest and talked with me about the pilgrimage.


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