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  • [487]-1 INRAG MEETING

    Time: February 1st, 2022 at 2 p.mLocation: Vienna BOKU Campus. As explained in pilgrim’s diary No.486, INRAG is a group of private experts who assess nuclear power plant risk. It is an independent and free network that does not depend on the government or any specific force. It is a precious organization in global village. Before I start winter pilgrimage I thought of a meeting with the representative of INRAG, headquartered in Vienna. Actual contact proceeded ten days before the meeting, however, because I needed to tell them exact date of arrival in Vienna. One week before the meeting, I could finalize the meeting on February 1st by Ms. Oda Becker. The German interpretation was commissioned to Korean Students Association in Vienna, and I was able to meet a young man who was a student in Ph.D. program of mechanical engineering. He was an experienced interpreter. I have emailed the following question in advance, because I heard that they are busy even with European work.“Unlike Europe, Northeast Asia and Korea are in a very dangerous state because there is no cross-monitoring of nuclear power plant risks. In Korea, it is… Read More ›

  • [500] 2022-02-14 Healing 30km

    1. Today’s finale, the mountain and lake at sunset. 2. After sleeping, I realized the power of this new house. The secret of spending a warm night even though the heating system was not turned on was the effect of… Read More ›

  • [499] 2022-02-13 4km/h Train Tour

    1. I had a satisfiable breakfast. 2. I left a friendly lodging behind. 3. I started a long-distance walking of 26 km early in the morning. 4. The winter weather was a little bit cold, but sunny. 5. 6. Schwanenstadt… Read More ›

  • [498] 2022-02-12 Everyone be Maitreya

    1. The weather is nice today. 2. It is a 25km course to the small town of Schwanenstadt. 3. It is clear and warm and there is no wind. Is spring approaching? 4. The self car-wash is large. 5. Mass-produced… Read More ›

  • [496][497] 2022-02-10~11 Appeared in Austrian media

    Record of two days including rest day. 1. In the morning of rest day, I spent time reviewing the pilgrimage course in Germany and completing the online reservation, 2. During the daytime, I went out by bus to have lunch… Read More ›

  • [495] 2022-02-09 Bill of Candlelight Revolution

    1. Today’s photo is the candlelight revolution in Korea 5 years ago that gave hope to mankind. The current presidential election has put that hope to a testing stand. 2. I left the lodging. 3. Today’s course is 21 km… Read More ›

  • [494] 2022-02-08 Walking on the Danube

    1. Today’s photo is a bench by the Danube River where I ate emergency ration as lunch. 2. From the stair of the 3rd floor of lodging, I looked at the roof of the 2nd floor which is covered with… Read More ›

  • [493] 2022-02-07 Walking Hills

    1. Today’s scene is a snow-covered mountain seen from the pass. 2. At the start, I thought it was an ordinary 24 km course. But, it became a difficult course to go up and down several large and small hills… Read More ›

  • [492] 2022-02-06 Thinking of Soil

    1. When I woke up in the morning and saw the living room of the accommodation, the decoration was splendid. 2. The content of the mural is that Melk Abbey is in harmony with the Danube River and the village…. Read More ›

  • [491] 2022-02-05 K-Nagne(K-Traveler)

    1. Today, I walk 25km to a village called Melk along the Danube River. 2. I leave the lodging in the center of Saint Pölten with a population of 50,000. 3. A large sidewalk & bicycle path was made in… Read More ›