[292] 2018-02-19 Sankisa


At Kanpur station in the middle of train travel from Shravasti to Sankisa.

A traveler works even in train station.

Mr. Hara took this picture of myself working on notebook.

Kanpur station at midnight.

I arrived at Sankisa, the last place of 8 sacred places of Buddhists, by train and bus.

I found lodging at guest-house in Buddhist temple operated by Bhutan.

This picture seems to be a respected monk of Bhutan.

I went to Sankisa relics.

Sankisa was a small hill which commanded a open and wide view.

This hill was just the same as Orahjar hill at Shravasti.

Probably, people at Buddha’s time could see Buddha come down from Doricheon very vividly.

At this hill, the Buddhists from Myanmar were performing Buddhist ritual.

At a good place to look down, a mendicant was sitting.

A unicorn-lion was inside pavilion.

The statue of Buddha was in bad shape due to neglect of maintenance.

Sankisa is one of 8 sacred places of Buddhists.

Few people come to this relics, and the maintenance was not good.

At relics nearby.

On my way back to lodging, I could see the potato harvest.

These people rode on horse.  They seem to be high-class people.

Children near Sankisa.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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