[Co-hosted invitational lecture] The value of life and nuclear phaseout

<Co-hosted invitational lecture> Biopolitical Policy Research Institute Founding Preparatory Committee + Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout

September 28, 2021 (Tuesday) 2pm
zoom.us ID: 846 7185 4605 password: 1234
Youtube: wooheejongTV

“The value of life and nuclear phaseout”

Yet science is ignorant of life.
The logic of huge capital is at work behind science.
The result is a nuclear weapon and a nuclear power plant that produces the raw material.

A nuclear power plant is a plant that produces radiation with the power to permanently destroy life before it is a place to produce energy.
The damage will be borne by descendants than the people of the time, and by far more living beings than Homo sapiens.

Reflection is required for the foolishness of making profits by means of destroying life in the global village.

Guest speaker: Woo Heejong (Professor at Seoul National University, Chairman of the Biopolitics Foundation)

Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout





2021-09-28(日) 午後2時

Zoom us ID:946 7185 4605 暗号:1234

Youtube /ウ・ファジョンTV



招聘講師 ウ・ヒジョン(ソウル大教授、〈財団法人〉生命政治 理事長)

脱核エネルギー学会 ホームペイジ:kpostnuclear.org

Translated by Kuwano Yasuo

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