[video] Risk of Life-Time Extension(LTE) and Longterm Operation(LTO) of Ageing Reactors Conclusions of the Recent Study of the INRAG(Oda Becker)

<Academy of Safety/Risk Technology Problems of Nuclear Power Plants>

The accident of Chernobyl was caused by human erros and the lack of plant designs while that of Fukushima was caused by both of the human error and external event (seismic and tsunami). Even though nuclear power plants (NPPs) would always be exposed to potential risk as well as danger to affect the health and safety to human beings, but it is very difficult to find them in advance. From this point of view, the NPPs in South Korea are considered to improve safety significantly as the nuclear regulations and associated technical standards are very much in need to upgrade up to the advanced countries such as U.S.A and European, etc.

Considering the current situation of energy demand and supply in South Korea, the NPPs must be operated for a long period of time and we, PRCDN, prepares to actively deal with any potential risks. As part of this activity, a seminar is prepared to present the knowledge of nuclear technical features and safety by foreign and domestic experts.

Organized by PRCDN(Public Reporting Center for the Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants)


3rd lecture (29 Oct)

Risk of Life Time Extension and Long Term Operation of Ageing Reactors – Conclusions of the recent study of the INRAG (International Nuclear Risk Assessment Group)

Oda Becker (Scientist of safety and risk of NPP, Former Prof. of Hanover University)


Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_01Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_02Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_03Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_04Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_05Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_06Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_07Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_08Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_09Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_10Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_11Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_12Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_13Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_14Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_15Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_16Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_17Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_18Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_19Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_20Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_21Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_22Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_23Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_24Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_25Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_26Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_27Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_28Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_29Seoul 2019 Ageing reactors.pdf_page_30

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