Academy of Safety/Risk Technology Problems of Nuclear Power Plants(English/Japanese)

<Academy of Safety/Risk Technology Problems of Nuclear Power Plants>

★ All courses are open to the public

◎ Opening Ceremony: Tuesday, October 22 at 6:30 pm

◎ Place: Franciscan Education Center # 621

◎ Open classes: Any class can be freely attended (no registration fee)

The accident of Chernobyl was caused by human errors and the lack of plant designs while that of Fukushima was caused by both of the human error and external event (seismic and tsunami). Even though nuclear power plants (NPPs) would always be exposed to potential risk as well as danger to affect the health and safety to human beings, but it is very difficult to find them in advance. From this point of view, the NPPs in South Korea are considered to improve safety significantly as the nuclear regulations and associated technical standards are very much in need to upgrade up to the advanced countries such as U.S.A and European, etc.

Considering the current situation of energy demand and supply in South Korea, the NPPs must be operated for a long period of time and we, PRCDN, prepares to actively deal with any potential risks. As part of this activity, a seminar is prepared to present the knowledge of nuclear technical features and safety by foreign and domestic experts as below:

Organized by PRCDN
(Public Reporting Center for the Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants)


○ When: October 22–November 20, 2019 (Tue/Wed in 5week , from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)
○ Where: Francisco Education Center (Jeongdong, Seoul)



1st lecture (22 Oct)
Safety Characteristics of the World NPPs
– HA jeong-gu (At the AECL Engineer, a member of the KINS and the Korea Nuclear Safety Foundation)

2nd lecture (23 Oct)
Effects of Residual Stress on Plant Equipment and Accident Cases including NPPs
– CHO Seok-Soo (Prof. of Gangwon Univ.)

3rd lecture (29 Oct)
Risk of Life Time Extension and Long Term Operation of Ageing Reactors
Conclusions of the recent study of the INRAG (International Nuclear Risk Assessment Group)
– Oda Becker (Scientist of safety and risk of NPP, Former Prof. of Hanover University)

4th lecture (30 Oct)
Results of the European Stress Test after the Fukushima Accident
– Oda Becker (Scientist of safety and risk of NPP, Former Prof. of Hanover University)

5th lecture(05 Nov)
Engineering simulation trends and technical support experiences of industry using supercomputers : including nuclear power plants
– YOON Tae-Ho (Center for Supercomputing Appli- cations, KISTI)

6th lecture (06 Nov)
Problems and Countermeasures of CE model Nuclear Design: Risks of Thermal Expansion and Vibration of Nuclear Power Plant
– MOON In-Deuk (Design Engineer of NPP, CEO of Trace Engineering Services)

7th lecture (12 Nov)
Technical Eval‎uation of Fukushima NPP Accident
– GOTO Masashi (Director of NPO “APAST”, Member of Citizens’ Commission of Nuclear Energy, Former Engineer of Toshiba NPP Design Part)

8th lecture (13 Nov)
The Past and Present of Japan’s Nuclear Risk Prevention System
– GOTO Masashi (Director of NPO “APAST”, Member of Citizens’ Commission of Nuclear Energy, Former Engineer of Toshiba NPP Design Part)

9th lecture (19 Nov)
1) Upgrade Way of Risk Prevention through the Field Surveillance of Nuclear Power Plants
– LEE Jeong-Yoon (Engineer of NPP, Representative of Nuclear Safety and Future)
2) Cross-Check System for Safety of NPP in Major Countries
– LEE Won-young (Prof. of Suwon Univ., Preparation Committee Member of PRCDN)

10th lecture (20 Nov)
1) Graduate Test 2) Talk show by Students


Major Related Issues

○ Opening: October 22 (Hwa) 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
○ Students: 20 (religious/public persons and citizen)
The examination of the qualification documents, and the certificate of acceptance for the written examination.
○ QUESTION: LEE Won-young (+82-10-4234-2134)




原発問題の専門家を内外から集めて韓国で原発安全技術問題アカデミーが開かれる。期日は10月22日から11月20日、日本からは原子炉の専門家の後藤政志さんも講師をつとめられる。 日本人もぜひ参加してほしいとのことです。行ける方はぜひこの機会を活かしてみられませんか。


第1講(10/22 火)

第2講(10/23 水)

第3講(10/29 火)

第4講(10/30 水)

第5講(11/05 火)

第6講(11/06 水)

第7講(11/12 火)
-後藤政志(日本NPO “APAST”代表、原子力エネルギー市民委員会委員、東芝前原子力発電所設計エンジニア)

第8講(11/13 水)
-後藤政志(日本NPO “APAST”代表、原子力エネルギー市民委員会委員、東芝前原子力発電所設計エンジニア)

第9講(11/19 火)

第10講(11/20 水)

受講生:公職者/宗教人 優先 先着順審査20人予定

受付:  イ・ウォニョン
問い合わせ:準備委員 ムン・ソンジェ(010-2179-1357)



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