[360]~[361] 2019-07-13~14 With Japan Comrades

The second half of New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes started.

Ahead of going to Central Asia, I went to Japan and had reporting event in Shimonoseki and Fukuoka.

I reported Dalai Lama’s saying to Japanese supporters of New Silk Road.


1. Above picture shows website pamphlet of reporting event.

Detailed reporting materials are found at address below.




2. This picture shows three people in the train going to Shimonoseki.

From the left: professor Lee Sang Hoon, Maeng Kyeong Sook who is a member of 100 supporting board, and Lim So Won who will work as an interpreter of the meeting.


3. We crossed a strait by boat.




5. We arrived at seminar room for reporting event.


6. About 40~50 audience gathered at the room.


7. The supporters prepared reporting paper-material of my file.


8. After my reporing, Mr. Kanesaki explained about Japanese response after Hukushima nuclear meltdown.

He said, “Japan stopped all nuclear power plants (52 facilities) which supplied 27% of electricity for 3 years. But there was no shortage of electricity during that period. Half of electricity demand was supplied by thermoelectric power plants, 1/4 was supplied by renewable energy, and remaining 1/4 was resolved by voluntary energy-saving by citizens.


9. Picture-taking after event.


10. Professor Lee Sang Hoon performed pansori at rest time after supper.

Pansori performance video link>>  http://cafe.daum.net/earthlifesilkroad/iNcm/44


11. The food was very nice.


12. The man standing in the far left is taking a picture.


13. He is Mr. Ando Kimito who is standing in the center of the picture above. This picture was taken at Yamaguchi two years ago. He had a long fighting against nuclear power plant at Kaminoseki, with Mr. Okamoto Masaki who is standing in the right.

From him, I heard a heart-moving story. Two years ago, he heard from me that I stopped alcohol-drinking before I started New Silk Road. From then on, he stopped alcohol-drinking and prayed for my sucessful pilgrimage. When he heard of my stop of pilgrimage due to restoration of professorship, he resumed alcohol-drinking. In fact, he stopped alcohol-drinking for 6 months. At that story, Mr. Guwano who was sitting next to me revealed that he stopped alcohol-drinking too. I was deeply moved. I am not walking pilgrim road by myself. Many people join the pilgrimage by various forms of participation.


14. The supporters at Shimonoseki joined in the donation for the pilgrimage, total 22,750 yen.

In addition I received anonymous donation.


15. The next day, this is full view of Shinomoseki seen from the shelter.


16. From the left, Mr. Ogura and Mr. Guwano.

These two people are enthusiastic supprters of my pilgrimage.


17. There was a traffic jam in Hukuoka highway.

It took us 3 hours more time, and we were late 30 minutes for the reporting event.

Nevertheless many supportes were waiting for me.

I would like to express my deep thanks again.


18. At reporting event in Hukuoka.




20. The man standing in the picture is Mr. Aoyaki who coordinated Hukuoka event. He is continuing his fight against nuclear power plants for more than 8 years. He set up demonstration tent in front of the nuclear power plant company at the center of Hukuoka city. I really respect him. I gave him banner of New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes. I told him that I would like to share Roman schedule of pilgrimage with him. The man in the right-hand-side in the picture is Mr. Kimura Hideto. He supported me when I walked Nagasaki region two years ago. He is also playing very active role in Korea-Japan communication.

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