Necessity of “Public Report Center of Nuclear Risk in Nuclear Power Plant”

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Necessity of “Public Report Center of Nuclear Risk in Nuclear Power Plant”


The accident of Hanbit Unit No.1 which occurred in May, 2019 showed definitely the vulnerability of nuclear power plants.

The results of an analysis of hundreds of nuclear accidents on the earth are summarized as follows.

1) An imaginable accident always take place.

2) Safety device does not work at time of accident.

3) At unexpected time, unexpected cause makes an unexpected result.

This analysis applied exactly for the case of Hanbit Unit No. 1 accident. Nuclear power plant is a structure that has many secrets. The concealment makes us more nervous. Even when the problem is serious, it is very difficult for the people outside to detect the danger. The most efficient method is report from the people inside.

Even when a field observer sensed a risk, it is apt to be ignored or concealed. However, if people outside knows content of the risk, it is easy to fix the risk. We have to remember that nuclear safety is a task for all of us.

There are private organizations such as the Whistle-blowers Foundation and PSPD(People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy) which respond to social irrationality and report for public interest. These NGOs are playing an important role for ensuring social justice and safety. Likewise, we need a private reporting organization which prevents the risk of nuclear accidents. Nuclear power plant accidents affect the whole fate of our nation. The government has declared nuclear-free policy, but safety measures have not improved so far. It is necessary to establish a cross-check monitoring system just like developed countries. The private sector must start to respond.

We need to make it easy for people to report nuclear risk with a little courage. This system will make straw-effect. We are able to diagnose the type of risk in detail. Then we can prescribe relevant measures to cope with the nuclear risk. This system will increases the probability of nuclear safety.

I hope all of you to review my proposal seriously.

June 2019

Lee Won-young

+) It was last week that I wrote this article and told this idea to my friends in Ulsan. They have already made it come true in Ulsan!

Report of Ohmynews

Report of Maeil Business News Korea



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