[318] 2019-01-16 Korean!



  1. On the way to starting point of today, I met Indian women inside big ricksha. The college student at far-left side covered her face with chador. After a talk about New Silk Road, I suggested her to take a selfie. Surprisingly, she revealed her beautiful face.

06cdbd034fd4c320af4d711f3fba4b86c4021ade2. The ladies who sat at side consented to take a selfie with me. Usually, it is almost impossible to take a picture of uncovered Islam women. I think the success of taking a picture of Islam women relied on recent economic revival of Korea.

ca6b7d6200130c0fe5c9b1994aad043349dbc0ba3. I looked down the alley from overpass. These days, more people clean the streets.

95d73dd989e5c6a2583d91442ebd2bf51241e83a4. They are using cattle dung as firewood at a kitchen range. Burning cattle dung makes little smoke. I read an internet comment which insisted that burning dried cattle dung is dangerous for health. I searched internet articles in order to verify the argument. The insistence was found to be a wild rumor.

Natural gas which we call ‘clean energy’ is producing a significant amount of green house gases through the whole process of drilling, transporting, and final burning. Natural gas itself is explodable and has toxicity which may harm human body. In comparison, dried cattle dung produces no more green house gases. Cattle dung is superior clean energy. Indian farmers are poor, but Indian society is sustainable thanks to this kind of wisdom.

8d3a3d010302d959ac4eae3e4943f28eec3631155. They use charcoal in order to preserve the taste when they make skewered food.

259292715283f9f11ddf4e23205f0d6ff45e94926. This young owner of a stall liked my straw hat.

a73b7533de5a1c42d4ba8e9669bf923dcf36ec987. The primary school students sitting in ricksha exclaimed when they saw me.

I took a selfie with them.
d5707f91d28ba4edd96d71f03c3f544cd3ceebed8. The passengers of another richsha asked me to take a selfie.

12f3476d05017be91d182557c4c4b21e1cd7fe6f9. A university and college hospital.
95b8d606b1e1d403bc01a3d146bac279ddc0341c10. There are many colleges in this region.
1eb6789c8382d9d86771ee6486e08bb115fe855011. A college student who was passing by, asked me about News Silk Road in detail.

Another selfie.

f7ce614ca156b622d478aaf9f6a2e58204b7bdbe12. Another college.
b47dd3dac2411a960ff76476c6850de41a05ff3913. A boy is turning a spinning wheel.



ceb0e9102ec37aa6354f89b04f195e31b55d139215. Solar panel is an important item of an electric appliances shop.



75b136db40732733869bab546cfe7d4bc4136ce917. An Islam temple.
1c984845b16fc91d1026e1fd0ff7e96afc5f631618. At a tea-house, I met teachers who teach biological science. They were curious about my pilgrimage and final goal. I explained about New Silk Road and took a selfie with them.

8e0dc02c018eb53838ad901974cedaffd89175d619. I took a selfie with boys in front of Islam school.

11013ff22284c060f04ae5c05e9a73678fd56a1e20. The teachers joined in taking a selfie.
2958016ac5c4fecdb9adc0ad9eecbb77619fe3ef21. I explained about New Silk Road in detail, and tried group picture. So far, the muslims were not responsible to picture-taking. But after I said “I came from Korea”, they became very cooperative. I guess Korea drama and K-pop changed their attitude.
6a7a2b0f62965882dd63d783bd404be042d380b222. In addition, ordinary people in India know Kim Jeong Eun of North Korea.

They esteem Kim Jeong Eun because they think Kim is challenging American supremacy.

8de86df9a717a5e297c8756ead4d110b1014dc1923. A heaven for sheep.
bf33275ad8fad0b814799ec6b71de2e483d2a98324. In bus, I met a college student who was 19 years old. He was majoring in physical chemistry.
426e9635ac9e83a2064a3229524c96b6d498b43525. I got off the bus with him. He gave me street information with kindness. On my way back to shelter, a motorcyclist found me. He waved to me and shouted “Korean!” Recently, I took selfie on average 5~10 times everyday. My appearance may have spread by SNS in this region.

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