Introduce ‘333 Relay Advertisement for De-Nuclear Power Plant’

Although President Moon declared De-Nuclear Power Plant one year ago, recent progress is not so friendly. The construction of New-Gori No. 5 & No. 6 nuclear power plants has been resumed. The conservative press is speaking out for pro-nuclear power plant in the midst of exporting of nuclear technology. We witnessed Gyeongju earthquake in 2016. Pohang earthquake in 2017 was extremely severe in magnitude and many people are feeling unsafe from earthquake. I think now is the time for revitalizing the movement of de-nuclear power plant. In the middle of hot summer in 2018, I conceived an idea of revitalizing no-nuke movement which would sow a new seed for the success of de-nuclear power plant.

Next year is the 100th anniversary of March the 1st national holiday commemorating the national uprise movement against Japanese ruling in 1919. I propose to make relay advertisement in newspapers in order to revitalize the movement of de-nuclear power plant until March 1, 2019. The main idea is to release newspaper advertisement for 333 times supported by more than 100,000 participants from August 15, Independence Day of this year, to March 1 of next year.

Two newspapers accepted my proposal and the first advertisement went out from Hankyoreh newspaper on August 14. The second ad of Hankyoreh went out on August 24. The first ad of Kyunghyang newspaper went out on August 28. We need continuous reminding of de-nuclear power plant movement. More ads will be continued in Hankyoreh and Kyunghyang newspapers.

Please take a close look at the action plan given below. I urge active participation of more people. Thank you.

탈원전333 소개글_영문

So far 6 ads for Hankyoreh newspaper, and 2 ads for Kyunghyang newspaper have been supported by 260 participants. Since the first ad was made at the end of July, many people have supported the ad movement. The new form of design of ad will be added.

The application to participate in the ad movement may be sent to executive secretary Lee Seung-eun by sending E-mail (

Please indicate your organization after your name. You may simply indicate ‘citizen’ for your organization. The list of participants will be updated regularly. I would like to ask for individual or organization participation. Thank you.

탈원전333 소개글_영문2.jpg

333 ad for de-nuclear power plant until now

<Hankyoreh newspaper>

the 1st ad – 1st page of 2018/08/14 edition


the 2nd ad – 9th page of 2018/08/24 edition


the 3nd ad – 9th page of 2018/08/31 edition


the 4th ad – 4th page of 2018/09/07 edition

Fri Sep 7 2018 - 04면.jpg

<Kyunghyang newspaper>

the 1st ad – 1st page of 2018/08/28 edition


the 2nd ad – 14th page of 2018/09/04 edition


333 ad for de-nuclear power plant in the future

<Hankyoreh newspaper>

the 5th ad – 2018/09/14

탈원전333 릴레이의견광고_한겨레5차

the 6th ad – 2018/09/21

탈원전333 릴레이의견광고_한겨레6차_최종























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