We are the New Silk Road Pilgrims for Life and No-Nukes.

Dear Friends,

We are the New Silk Road Pilgrims for Life and No-Nukes. We are walking from Seoul, South Korea, to Vatican City, over a period of two years. We will walk 11,000 km, and cross 26 countries.

In this super-developed 21st century, why do we walk?

Today Mother Earth is suffering because of human greed. We started our walk to embrace Mother Earth’s pains and to seek solutions. Above all, we are focusing our attention on nuclear power plants. 450 nuclear power plants are currently in operation around the world. The proliferation of nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons is pushing the community of Earth life toward biocide and annihilation. Nuclear weapons may kill the present generation, but nuclear power plants and nuclear waste may devastate future generations. The Three Mile Island nuclear accident (U.S.A., 1979), the Chernobyl nuclear accident (Soviet Union, 1986), and the ongoing Fukushima nuclear accident (Japan, 2011) are vivid proof that nuclear energy is neither safe nor cheap. Any nuclear accident is catastrophic for all living beings:  animals, plants, and humans. Regrettably, humanity has not prepared any reliable technology, science, or political system that can eliminate the nuclear risk.

To discard the nuclear myth is the first step in overcoming the nuclear crisis. The solution to the nuclear threat is to find alternative energies and share new life styles that minimize energy consumption. It is our responsibility to find solutions to save the Earth and all its living beings.

Pilgrims for Life & No-Nukes strongly believe that the wisdom and united efforts of religious leaders will create a new world in which the dignity and co-existence of all living beings is ensured. In the course of our walking, we will meet many neighbors and religious leaders and share this life value with them. We hope that our pilgrimage will generate a butterfly effect and grow like a powerful hurricane through your interest and participation. Our final goal is to establish an international organization that will monitor nuclear power plants around the world.

We hope to pass on a safe and sustainable Earth to the next generations.

May 2018

New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes

Co-Presidents:  Kim Young-ho, Kim Yong-bock, Lee Sun-jong, Cho Hun-jung

Pilgrimage Director:  Lee Won-young


[Pictures of ‘New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes’]





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