Postponement of Pilgrimage

[Life Road 2018-02-19] Postponement of Pilgrimage: winning in lawsuit and restoration of professorship

Dear my friends:

Finally, Suwon University has surrendered. In last month, Seoul High Court declared that Ministry of Education (MOE) was right in annulment of denying reappointment of me in the 2nd lawsuit of administrative litigation. And Suwon University gave up appeal to Supreme Court.

The outline of events regarding my struggle with the university is as follows:

– March 2013: Reorganization of Association of Professors of Suwon University

– January 2014: Dismissal of professorship

– August 2016: Reappointment denied by Suwon University

– October 2016: Appeal Commission for Educators(ACE) declared annulment of denying reappointment

– October 2016: Supreme Court declared annulment of professorship dismissal

– November 2016: Suwon University filed administrative lawsuit to reject ACE’s verdict

– January 2017: MOE wins 1st administrative litigation

– January 2018: MOE wins 2nd administrative litigation

– Early February 2018: Confirmation of university’s giving up to Supreme Court

– February 9, 2018: I received a document regarding reappointment.

I guess In Soo Lee (ex. president) and Gowoon foundation wanted to look like a good man by giving up appeal to Supreme Court. If Suwon University had filed an appeal litigation, my restoration of professorship might have been delayed quite long time. My plan was affected by recent events.

About 10 days ago, I received a document from Suwon University. I confirmed that the university asked for my comeback to university. I consulted with my lawyer regarding my restoration of professorship. My lawyer recommended me to accept reappointment.

If I go back to the university, then my plan of pilgrimage is seriously affected. I have to stop my walking pilgrimage. I have to change pilgrimage schedule which was announced in advance. I feel sorry for those of you who planned to join my pilgrimage. I express my deep apology for the postponement of pilgrimage.

But I would like to continue pilgrimage in the near future. I will announce changed schedule soon.


Yesterday, I arrived at Shravasti, the 7th sacred places of Buddhists. I walked more than 1,200 km in India and Nepal. Since I started walking from Seoul, I walked about 4,000 km.

You may read recent diary of pilgrimage at,

I am moving by train to Sankisa, the last sacred place of Buddhists. After visiting Sankisa, I will go back to the university and prepare for lecture.

Sooner or later, I will arrange a meeting with you and report my pilgrimage. I really appreciate your support for pilgrimage. I wish your health and happiness.

February 19, 2018

From India

Won Young Lee

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