[Korea] Pilgrim’s diary- May 3, 2017


Main Articles

<Bulkyo.com> http://www.bulkyo21.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=36563

<Bulgyofocus> http://www.bulgyofocus.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=77630

<Edaily> http://www.edaily.co.kr/news/NewsRead.edy?SCD=JG31&newsid=01728566615925312&DCD=A00703&OutLnkChk=Y

Press Photograph




Gwanghwamun ~ Hannam Station 13.5km

AM 10:00~ PM 18:30

Main stop : Jogyesa Temple, Headquarters of Cheondogyo, Hyanglin Church, Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral, Seoul City Hall, the Anglican Church of Korea, Won Buddhism Seoul temple, Seoul Central Mosque, Islam, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Korea

Participants of Pilgrim:

조희연 김영호 김용복 법응 박동천및전북대학생5인(정상원 위현석 이정윤 김문성 이연미) 한정숙 이경분 이기영 정용수 김정희 장지만 장동범 이옥분 맹경숙 홍선희 서형탁 박인식 김선우 김철규 윤지관 이상훈 김민곤 김광철 김창환 이광호 백련화 청정주 OOO 남상훈 이장하 타나카히로시 박병상 박찬남 고태규 심재홍 이원영 (무순)

Korean classical music  team of Chung-Ang University

Korean traditional percussion band of Konkuk University

Support vehicle driving : 박인식 김선우

Announce the Seoul Draft of the World Charter on Life  http://cafe.daum.net/earthlifesilkroad/hmob/35


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