Mintues of the Committee Meeting- Feb.22, 2017

Mintues of the Committee Meeting

On 22 February, 2:00 pm, an advisory meeting of the 100 person committee for the New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes was held at Margot Cafe of the Eundeok Cultural Center along with the Preliminary Meeting on the Seoul Draft of World Life Charter. We would like to thank Director Lee Gong-hyeon of the Eundeok Cultural Center for graciously providing us the venue.
Map of Margot Cafe (


Despite the rainy weather, a total of 15 committee members attended the meeting to discuss the preparation progress of the pilgrimage walks. Executive Director Lee Won-young introduced each members and started the meeting by reading the agenda of the day. (Detail information can be found at the New Silk Road Daum Cafe. Please visit the site regularly to get the updates)


1. Report of the preliminary trip carried out by the executive director (hereafter ED)
Pictures are uploaded to the Daum Cafe along with the detail travel timetables. ED discussed the safety issues which he was able to check and confirm.
Photos (

2. The Seoul Draft of the World Life Charter
The Seoul Draft of the World Life Charter was presented to the committee. For the copy visit the Life Forum Daum Cafe (

3. Membership Fee Collection and Expense Report
ED reported the current status of the membership fee collection and the expenses. A monthly honorarium is given to Lee Jang-ha, the new staff who will assist ED. The Committee will give an honorarium to Mr. Tanaka Hiroshi for his work in preparing the Pilgrimage Walk in Japan.


1. Detail Schedules and the Ways to Participate
After the review of the detail schedules of the pilgrimage walks from South Korea to Myanmar, the members discussed the ideas about the automobile that will accompany the pilgrims. There was a consensus that it would be best to rent a car in Laos.
Detail schedules:

2. Fund Raising Event
An auction event is being organized where artists will donate their works and people will buy them at the auction to be presented to religious leaders when the pilgrims visit them on the trip. After a discussion, it was decided that it should be for three days.
Date: 31 March (Friday) — 2 April (Sunday)
Venue: Namu Gallery at the Jogyesa Temple

3. International Conference for the Seoul Draft of the World Life Charter
The members discussed on details of the international conference that is schedule to take place on 20 April along with the designs of the attires, logos, banners for the pilgrimage walks.

4. Recommendations for the 100 Person Committee
Currently there are 44 persons confirmed and 30 persons who are being contacted. There are still 26 persons need to be recommended.


A group photo of the attendants in front of the Eundeok Cultural Center.
We would like to thank once again Director Lee Gong-hyeon for providing us with the venue and the committee members for attending the meeting on a rainy day.

Reported by Lee Jang-ha
Translated by Park Joongyu
File No.: 생명·탈핵 실크로드 2017-02-24-01
Addres: 81 Sambong-ro, Doosan We’ve Officetel No. 430, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Mobile: 010-4789-0259 Email:

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