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  • [502][503] 2022-02-16~17 From Salzburg to Germany

    I was at a crossroad of choice while taking a day off. The weather is nice. Should I go sightseeing or write pilgrim’s diary? It’s a beautiful city, but I chose the latter. Instead, I will introduce the memoir of… Read More ›

  • [501] 2022-02-15 Rainy Salzburg

    1. Today’s scene is the rainy Salzburg Bridge. Cityscape covered with clouds as seen from Staatsbrücke 2. I paid special attention to the hotel’s wifi to host the Zoom video conference that started at 7 a.m. (3 p.m. Korean time)… Read More ›

  • [487]-1 INRAG MEETING

    Time: February 1st, 2022 at 2 p.mLocation: Vienna BOKU Campus. As explained in pilgrim’s diary No.486, INRAG is a group of private experts who assess nuclear power plant risk. It is an independent and free network that does not depend on the government or any specific force. It is a precious organization in global village. Before I start winter pilgrimage I thought of a meeting with the representative of INRAG, headquartered in Vienna. Actual contact proceeded ten days before the meeting, however, because I needed to tell them exact date of arrival in Vienna. One week before the meeting, I could finalize the meeting on February 1st by Ms. Oda Becker. The German interpretation was commissioned to Korean Students Association in Vienna, and I was able to meet a young man who was a student in Ph.D. program of mechanical engineering. He was an experienced interpreter. I have emailed the following question in advance, because I heard that they are busy even with European work.“Unlike Europe, Northeast Asia and Korea are in a very dangerous state because there is no cross-monitoring of nuclear power plant risks. In Korea, it is… Read More ›

  • [500] 2022-02-14 Healing 30km

    1. Today’s finale, the mountain and lake at sunset. 2. After sleeping, I realized the power of this new house. The secret of spending a warm night even though the heating system was not turned on was the effect of… Read More ›

  • [499] 2022-02-13 4km/h Train Tour

    1. I had a satisfiable breakfast. 2. I left a friendly lodging behind. 3. I started a long-distance walking of 26 km early in the morning. 4. The winter weather was a little bit cold, but sunny. 5. 6. Schwanenstadt… Read More ›

  • [498] 2022-02-12 Everyone be Maitreya

    1. The weather is nice today. 2. It is a 25km course to the small town of Schwanenstadt. 3. It is clear and warm and there is no wind. Is spring approaching? 4. The self car-wash is large. 5. Mass-produced… Read More ›

  • [496][497] 2022-02-10~11 Appeared in Austrian media

    Record of two days including rest day. 1. In the morning of rest day, I spent time reviewing the pilgrimage course in Germany and completing the online reservation, 2. During the daytime, I went out by bus to have lunch… Read More ›

  • [495] 2022-02-09 Bill of Candlelight Revolution

    1. Today’s photo is the candlelight revolution in Korea 5 years ago that gave hope to mankind. The current presidential election has put that hope to a testing stand. 2. I left the lodging. 3. Today’s course is 21 km… Read More ›

  • [494] 2022-02-08 Walking on the Danube

    1. Today’s photo is a bench by the Danube River where I ate emergency ration as lunch. 2. From the stair of the 3rd floor of lodging, I looked at the roof of the 2nd floor which is covered with… Read More ›

  • [493] 2022-02-07 Walking Hills

    1. Today’s scene is a snow-covered mountain seen from the pass. 2. At the start, I thought it was an ordinary 24 km course. But, it became a difficult course to go up and down several large and small hills… Read More ›