[238] 2017-12-26 Warm Winter

Barhi~ Upvan Hotel


We went to Barhi, a transportation hub, early in the morning.


It is 75 km from here to Bodh Gaya.


The man standing in the center and holding a banner seems to be a opinion leader in this village. I have met him for three consecutive days.
This is a kind of tie, or fate in Buddhistic expression‎.


The mother and son are smiling and waving to me.


Now I see this kind of river frequently.


This is flood plain.
The flood plain is reserved for the nature to control river in case of flood.
When untouched, the flood plain is beautiful.
But Lee Myoung Bak tore up the flood plains of 4 rivers in Korea.
It was obvious for the flood plain to be submerged in times of flood.
But MB destroyed the flood plains by spending huge amount of money which come from the taxpayers.
In the process of 4 Rivers Project, MB and his friends grasped cut from the huge budget of the project. They deserve an indictment and punishment.


Since it was winter time, some cattle wore clothes.


In a village, many people flocked. So I pulled out out the large map, and explained about the pilgrimage.


At rooftop of a school, girls welcomed us.


Boys and girls with ingenuous expressions.


Women carry bundle of firewood.
It looks heavy, but they carry it for a long distance with balancing it.


카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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