[460] 2022-01-05 Younger with Walking

1. This map shows the entire course of European pilgrimage. In January and February 2020, about half of the red line course was suspended due to COVID-19. In this second course, I decided to walk from Timisoara due to various circumstances. The third course, crossing the Alps from Munich and arriving at the Vatican, is scheduled for July and August of this year. I want to walk again someday the red part that I couldn’t walk.

2. Today’s course is 26km long. It’s hard to find accommodation.

3. Departing from the lodging where I stayed last night,

4. The streets of Lovrin village.

5. I arrived at a place known as a restaurant that opens at 9 o’clock in Google information, but I could only drink coffee.

6. I’m starting to get tired of eating fast food, so I have to walk 16km to find a restaurant.

7. I soothe my hunger with “honey” I received yesterday as a gift. Strangely enough, I feel energized even though I ate a little bit of honey.

8. The pastures of flat plains are vast. Pastrol farming is an important part of rural landscape.

9. While walking, I heard a good news from Korea.

<South and North Korea will be connected by railroad… start of work in Gangneung-Jejin section. “Connecting to Siberia” >


10. A nice woman stops her car and approaches the traveler. I took a nice selfie with her.

11. It is a long distance to go to the restaurant.

12. It is a rural type of collective housing. It seems that almost 10 or more households live together.

13. Dogs welcome traveler.


15. This time, young man and woman stop the car. They brought something to eat and gave me thumbs-up.


17. I took picture of food, flag, and backpack together.

18. While walking, I heard another news about reformation debate of the prosecution, in which I also take part. Press Consumer Sovereignty Action which I worked as co-president, started this project before my departure. In relation with the first event of this project, I wrote an article on Hankyoreon.


[Lee Won-young] meeting for public prosecutorial reform led by citizens was open.

The purpose of the article is as follows. “The prosecutorial dictatorship has gone beyond the limit. The ills of monopolistic indictment system which raise doubts about the independence of the judiciary, are shaking the pillars of the country. Corruption Investigation Office For High-ranking Officials becomes useless. The collusion between the prosecution and the media is making the country sick.”


19. These days, I share events of the world at the same time while walking far away.

20. It seems to be a gourmet restaurant. I ordered delicious lamb ribs.

21. I ordered Romanian cuisine too. It’s good food that I’ve eaten properly in this country. I ate lavishly. The price is not expensive either. The two dishes together cost around 20,000 won.

22. Restaurant workers pay attention to traveler. I am the first Korean they have seen so far. They asked my age and I said “64, one year before retirement.” Everyone was surprised. They said, “No one at your age can walk like you. You look very young.”

23. Spreading the wide map, I took photo together. The name of the restaurant was Moara Veche – Vecchio Mulino.

24. A view of the village with the restaurant.

25. Elementary school building.

26. The characteristics of streets are rainwater treatment system and sidewalks.

I have to walk diligently, 9 km, from here to the village of today’s accommodation.

27. A lakeside garden near the village

Thinking about the episode at the restaurant, my face seems to have changed after I started walking again. People need to walk to keep their body healthy. I remember an article by Ergonomics expert who said “Man is an animal that walks upright. Humans maintain stable balance while walking rather than standing upright’.” Also, in a science article, I read that stimulation of plantar nerve encourage metabolism of whole body. The smooth blood circulation in the head helps good complexion and proper metabolism in the brain. As a result, the thinking becomes clear. I think Kant walked for philosophical meditation not for showing. There is a saying, “Walking is the best medicine.” I absorb best medicine by walking everyday.

28. A family kindly offered me a ride since it started to get dark. I declined and took a selfie with them.

29. Even today, the sunset was slow just like yesterday. The heaven seems to give strength to the traveler.

30. As the sun sets it becomes dark. I arrived at the village around 6 o’clock.

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