[392] 2019-12-26 Hosadama 호사다마(好事多魔)

Kifissia Station ~ Sfendali Station



1. I left the hostel early and arrived at Kifissia station, the departure place, at 9:10. A commemoration picture with crew. My face looks fresh.


2. The original scheduled arrival was the center of a village at 19 km apart, but there was no railway station. My condition was not bad, so I decided to use the railway station at 26km apart. Trains are more comfortable when I return to the hostel than buses. The blue dotted line on Google Maps is the course of today. The gray dotted line is just climbing course.


3. I walk for a long time at luxury residental area in the rain.


4. The stone walls are impressive.




6. Europe is in the rainy season in winter. I don’t know when it will rain.




8. There were various kinds of fruits on sale. The price of fruits was cheap.


9. I met a big road.


10. I saw a nice rainbow.


11. I walk along a two-lane highway that runs alongside the highway. In the past, this road would have been the main road.


12. The Greek Peninsula has a rugged terrain. Statistics show that 80% of country is mountainous area. Inconvenient traffic would have led to the early development of polises in coastal areas.


13. Newly-built factory had solar roof. Judging from the direction and angle, there is a trace of the planned solar panel installation from the design stage. Do we have a policy that guides such solar design?


14. There are many high voltage cables in Greece. When this high-voltage cable disappears from the global village and self-sufficient energy system is established in every neighborhood, a true energy conversion will take place. Only then, the global climate crisis will be resolved.



16. I entered a leisurely road. Rather than rain, it feels like a storm.


17. As the strong winds recede, the rainbow is seen again. It’s been a long time since I walked while watching such a clear rainbow. The European sky seems to welcome me.




19. Sugar cane grows naturally. This is sugar cane that I have seen innumerably while walking in India.



21. This idyllic and sophisticated scene is something like European.

22. They sell agricultural produce directly.

23. It is raining again in the afternoon. After finishing my meal at the hamburger house, I take out the raincoat and prepare. It’s raining and the road was quiet. I think over the unsolved ideas when I walk this kind of road. Today I harvested lots of solutions. I was able to examine the solution in many ways on the ‘A-topic’ which was considered difficult. Thinking power seems to be transmitted from the soles of the feet.


24. But I have a problem. Suddenly the phone broke down. I remember now that when the phone gets wet, it sometimes breaks down. When it rained while I walked in Vietnam and Laos, I remember that I wrapped my phone with vinyl. In India it was dry season, and I did not need to wrap the phone. There was no alternative. I have to walk recalling the memory of this railway sometime ago. I remembered that the last time I checked on my phone, the train station was about 10km away, and the train stopped at 05:04, which means I had spare time of three hours.

25. The unexpected problem is that the sign of this railway station is not visible on the road. It is also a dense forest path and there are few people to ask. In the end, I had to go through trial and error leaving the last five kilometers. At the crossroads of the intersection in the right-hand side, I was forced to decide from the terrain. As I walked for a while, I entered the wrong road. I came back. In addition, because the phone broke down, I couldn’t take a picture when I met a good scene. I feel that the versatile function of the phone is important.

26. The name of this station is Sfendali. Later I checked that I had gone up to 500 meters near the destination, but I couldn’t identify it. They didn’t know this station even if I asked the car passengers. It’s about 4:30 at the roundabout shown in the photo above. The phone broke and I didn’t know the time, so I asked time to the passengers. There are no signs or maps, it’s like a blind man. I was stressed and wandered the streets. I walked about 28km, and I was tired. Meanwhile, I met good people who drove me to Athens. ‘Thank you ~’ I was not able to take pictures because my phone was jammed. The phone problem was solved around dinner time. We live in a world where we get lost when we are diconnedted. I should consider whether to buy a spare phone.


What if it was a problem of nuclear power plant? This unexpected situation occurs when the coincidences overlap. Both Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents led to large-scale catastrophe due to unexpected situations. If the large and small accidents occurring frequently in the nuclear power plants are overlapped, unexpected serious situation can occur at any time. And, our descendants have to go through the stress of vigilance against nuclear catastrophe indefinitely. Are we qualified as ancestors?

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