[333] 2019-01-31 Smart(삼삼한) Day

Sharbaad Markanda ~ Ambala


1. A Hindu temple near the starting point.


4091de4e12cb1f297f015bf75586a7bc7dabc9453. The appearance of Hindu goddess is splendid.

6abd5c5162e348836ddda5a7bbcec58d71c8cda64. The appearance of sugar cane field and railway bridge in the wetland.


b45bc999168ab65a66bd593cd95cba576031126b6. I keep walking the road which looks like this picture.

62190de1bb0392b77f26c5a72d6e796164e108538. I could see the traces of flood on the tree bark.


a26b901daa7f3fc58d788466f9da2fce421548dd10. These young men offered me to serve chai.
c099af65e44239ee1c7a836b5f02bffa868d162e11. He is reading the pamphlet which I gave to him eagerly.



84c4b1a84904a354a9a5203d4c9e9c2a2513d3c014. A modern restaurant. The content of ad was enormous.

467f6bcba0bafb5cdee29b284cb478cb6628f03415. The appearance of grandfather with turban and grand-daughter was very impressive.

I took a selfie with them.
65458da06fdd98c00abcddda190b82f3084c7c1c16. He listened to my story eagerly. When I told him that I walked from Calcutta, he was so moved that he gave me 100 rupee.

This was the first time that I received donation for pilgrimage from an Indian. I was deeply moved.

9eb108522147c6e036c734cf6ac74b081a5405d417. I took a picture of 100 rupee bill for commemoration. Sir Gandhi was printed on the bill.

bbe550ab8722d82bf7385df198dd01884347e56e18. I dropped by a chai store. The owner of the chai store read the pamphlet eagerly.

When he understood my pilgrimage, he performed a big gesture and praising talk.

He raised his hands up toward sky. Then he looked at me and said, “I am proud of you.”

I heard this kind of praising words for the first time. I felt great rewarding for my pilgrimage.


55d071ebd0c827dd2c0276b9f558c4e895a378d020. Wild boar.


6bb0b168f623201ca5b26653772c35118c0ed4b522. This tall man chased after me. He introduced himself as security man working at a bank.

He said that his cousin was studying in Korea.

247bcc61ee9ab36064740536b3376902f0a7192424. After we departed, he sent me an e-mail immediately. He asked me to visit his village.
e92e76f0a40dace4d14573371249170c787e3f6a25. In India, I can find very frequently a wild space like this picture near urban village.

755c174492969d41f9bd4521f1f9c4e3cad50c0126. Urban space.
e8770e3b73720c2e89847779e14a32a5681cb3cd27. There was an outlet store.
8078d011272802efc98c0562b9fe444d73ca163228. Now I arrived at today’s finishing point, Ambala (blue dot on the map). Dharamshala is near at hand.
Today was the 333th day of my pilgrimage. In fact, today was a smart day.

(The word ‘smart’ and ’33’ have same pronunciation in Korean language.)

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